Key Volunteer Challenge

Good Monday Morning,

Teams of staff visited campuses where we don’t already have movements in Seattle, LA, and Miami last week for the purpose of launching ministries. I was one of those that went to Miami. We had a great time seeing God lead us to those whom He has prepared to start and lead ministries. This week, another team will be go back to Miami and others will go to Charlotte and Salt Lake City.

Our team initiated conversation with at least 100 students each day on 13 campuses as we looked for potential key volunteers. At least 10 accepted the challenge.

Some time ago, I received Eric and Liz Hiett’s newsletter, describing how they use the Key Volunteer Challenge on their campuses on the Monterey Coast, Central California, and Southern Nevada. I asked Eric how they specifically use the KV Challenge. With some nuances, he pretty much described the typical way to use it, which was what we did too.

“As we go on campus to launch we search for Christian students interested in starting a Christian group…If yes, we then set an appointment for the next week. This [shows] if the student is really interested or not. As we meet with them on the next appointment, we go over the Key Volunteer Challenge. The first question can sometimes be a little difficult as we ask them what they want to see happen on their campus. Many times they talk about social issues. We then answer the question ourselves stating what we believe God wants to see on this campus. Most of the time students understand and agree.

“Then we walk them through Matthew 28:19-20 and ask what Christ is asking us to do. We focus on win, build, and send. Most students agree. We move on to 2 Timothy 2:2 and walk through the discipleship process letting them know that the Lord can use them in reaching out to their campus…

“Then we have them write down 5 people that they can share with (This might be where the network map might come in handy once we have done it with them). Sometimes this can be a struggle especially if they do not have a non-Christian community. We help them to figure it out. We usually get 2 to 3 names on average. Then follow that up with 5 believers they can go through the KV challenge. This is the most difficult one, as they can come up with names but are reluctant to go and actually walk through the challenge with them.  [Occasionally] we go with them and have them watch us…

“If the student says yes and goes for it, we set up another appointment to go out sharing, following up the next time with the Key Volunteer Covenant.  At this point when they sign the covenant, we now know they are on board with us.

“We make it a point to share this with all of our leadership so we can all be on the same page. It is a great aligning tool. We are using this at UC Merced this semester and we have several students involved, with one leading a small group. Once we have at least 2 or 3 students as key volunteers, we then proceed with this group becoming what we call a Three-Thirds group, which is for another day.

“It has been a great tool to get us going.”


Thanks, Eric. What you all are doing is similar to what is happening on campuses and in cities all over the world.

You can find videos the KV Challenge, the description of Three-Thirds and more on the videos page of Expedition Teams page on Facebook.
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