First, prayer.

This is the time of the semester when I typically map out the rest of the year. It’s a busy time, giving thought to ending the year well, preparing for summer, and planning out the beginning of the next fall.

Last year, this particular tip looked like this.

But I thought it might actually be good for this focus to be on prayer. That will set us up better as we lead out of this year into next.

Actually, it was my wife, Chris, who said, we can do the same things we have always done In planning and preparing for the summer and the fall. But where is the faith in that? Are we planning by experience, and then, logically, by projection? “We did thus and so…and so with what we have, we should be able to do such and such.”

No one is going to argue that we shouldn’t pray. Prayer surfaces leaders. Prayer causes growth. Prayer brings us in tune with the heart of God. Prayer opens doors. Etc., etc.

But, while we should plan ahead and do our preparation, let’s consider how we can put ourselves in a posture of receiving from the Lord as we look ahead.

You might possibly have a significant season of prayer and then come up with the same things you have always done. But isn’t it good to know that it was the Lord leading you in that?

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