Understanding Change.

If you are in the US campus ministry you are well aware that we are in a season of organizational change. Our Executive Director, Mark Gauthier, says these changes are not so that we can better manage what we already have going on, but so that we can get to that which we don’t yet have.

I welcome this thinking. In order to take on something new, we typically have to do what we are doing differently. Much of the messaging of these tips has been about launching and building new movements.

But with any change process there can be a range of emotions over losing something before we see the new reality.

On the same day the changes were presented, Bob Lewis, an expert on change management, leadership, and strategy, shared some very helpful perspective about change. Here are three slides from his presentation:

The S Curve is a pretty standard picture of change and growth. As the new is being formed, there can be decline and even challenges before growth and significant success occurs. These are typical and we should be aware of it.



This one shows the spectrum of emotions we experience from seeing something end to the new up and running. Again, all of us go through various ones of these and at various rates. It is under-standable and a normal process for us to go through. Where are you along the spectrum? Where is your team?


Bob shared many other thoughts that I found valuable. His concluding slide summed up some of those thoughts.

Some people absolutely love change. I am not one of those. But no matter how we metabolize it, change is part of the spiritual adventure that God has for us. Together, let us pray for our leadership and for our posture of trusting, seeking, and depending upon God.

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