Freshman Takeover Night

Dave Michels, MTL in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, recently updated the information outlining their Freshman Takeover Night.

The Michigan Tech ministry developed this unique strategy in which the entire Cru weekly screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-9-27-18-pmmeeting is handed over to freshmen. They have been doing it for 15 years.

Dave says Freshman Takeover Night is one of the best things they do. It’s key in getting Freshmen/First Year students engaged in the movement early on, and they see the great contribution they can make.

The team usually has a staff member or key student help organize the first gathering of freshmen after a regular Cru meeting. They are handed two documents.

The first, a one page document describing the Freshman Takeover Night and how to plan it. For example, Dave suggests that they “gather as many freshmen to an organizational/planning meeting that have been coming…Have someone collect names and emails…Do whatever is possible to include every freshman.” Dave reminded me “Involvement breeds Commitment!!”

The second handout is on Talk Preparation.

The movement does it again second semester, with a little less guidance.  The Sophomore class is also given a night to plan each semester, but they are given the night and told to just inform the weekly meeting coordinator of their plans.

What I like about this is how Dave and his team are being intentional about giving ownership to students. It would certainly be a lot more comfortable for the freshmen, not to mention the staff, to not do a Freshman Takeover Night. But this is a great learning and developmental strategy.

Fall 2016 Coaching Tips


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