Ministry beyond ministry.

During the first six to eight weeks of the Fall semester, we intentionally focus on gathering and involving freshmen. Typically, the fall retreat ties a bow on those considerable efforts. It solidifies involvement for the freshmen, as relationships with others in the ministry grow deeper. And after several weeks of trying to meet as many as possible, it’s great settling into some of those new relationships.

For the next several weeks our focus will be on evangelism and establishing. This is a great time to be thinking about sending as well—sending to winter conferences, spring break events, summer missions, and even staff, stint, and internships.

Our mission is to “Turn Lost Students and Faculty into Life-Long Christ-Centered Laborers.” (Italics added) As a ministry, we’re pretty good at recruiting to our staff. But the reality is that 8 to 9 out of 10 of those involved with us will graduate this year and not join our staff.

How are we doing at preparing the majority of our students to be life-long laborers in the marketplace?

My wife, Chris, coaches former stinters and interns as they enter the marketplace. She’s also teaching a class to staff called “You’ve Invested Four Years, Equip Them for 40.” Last week, the assignment was to interview a friend who has worked in their job (not Christian) for at least five years in order to understand what it’s really like to be missional in a workplace environment. They asked,

  • General demographics
    • How many people work there?
    • Is the work force fairly stable or is there a lot of turn-over?
    • How many people are they in regular contact with?
  • Spiritual climate
    • Of those whom they have regular contact with…
      • How many are non-believers?
      • How many indicate that they’re religious?
      • How many have a personal relationship with Jesus?
      • Have they been able to have a spiritual conversation with someone who isn’t a believer?
  • Opportunities for relationships
    • Is there a lunchroom, coffee bar, etc. available?
    • Does the company sponsor social events, athletic teams, etc.?
    • Do employees spontaneously go out after work?
    • Do they get together with co-workers to do things outside of work?
    • Would they say people at work are friends or acquaintances ?

It might be good to ask the students that you know will not be joining staff to interview someone this way. It could be helpful in their own preparation for being missional in their future workplace.

Two other resources.

During the remaining time these seniors have with us, let’s do all we can to prepare them for being life-long laborers, surrendered to Christ, called to help fulfill the Great Commission, developing in their walk with the Lord, and able to build deep relationships with those they spend 40+ hours a week with.

Fall 2016 Coaching Tips

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