Movement Leadership Forms.

One of the areas of strategic focus for us in the campus ministry in the US is launching and building sustainable Win/Build/Send movements.

While we know that it takes effort to launch, it is important to realize that you are not expected to lead everything you launch in the same way you are leading your existing movements.

You may be familiar with this Movement Leadership Forms document. It explains the difference between what we are calling “square, triangle, and circle” movements.

  • Square—Staff  MTLs, staff team members, staff modeling ministry.
  • Triangle—Staff MTLs, Student/Faculty/Volunteer members, and staff modeling ministry to the team.
  • Circle—Student/Faculty/Volunteer MTLs and team members, staff coaching the team as it stewards the movement.

Most of our future growth will be in launching circle movements, with students, faculty, or volunteers leading, and often being coached from a distance. In fact, when our CFM National Team met recently, it was encouraging to see how many of the new launches were circle movements. It’s catching on!

Here is an idea. If you haven’t had your fall retreat, or when you start recruiting for the Winter Conference, make a concerted effort to have your students invite Christian friends from other campuses. They just may be the one, or can lead you to someone, who could be the key leader on their campus. They will already have a picture of what your ministry is about and what their friends are involved with. Then you can help them get started.

Fall Coaching Tips
– “Act as if it were true.”
Beginning the Campus Year Checklist.
Ways a coach helps.
Engaging South Asian Students.
– Prayer/Care/Share.
Did you know…?
Using Summer Connect Content this Fall.
Destino Connecting Culture and the Gospel.
I’m listening to you.


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