Destino Connecting Culture and the Gospel.

You may have seen my recent post, “Did you know…?” Many of our leaders contributed to this list of information and resources.

Many of those contributing sent enough info to make a worthy Coaching Tip. It was a shame to limit them to a sentence or two. Today’s tip is one such case.

Thanks to the Destino distance coaching team of Chelsea Hengeveld, Erin Brasher, and Devin Tressler, I’m passing on some Destino evangelistic materials great for various contexts when engaging evangelistically over culture, race, and ethnicity.

Soularium Culture Questions is one example that helps us enter conversations and bridge to the Gospel that isn’t just for Latinos. Another is an outreach called Colored Chalk.

Destino envisions many of their resources, found at, helping regardless of whether or not you’re launching Destino.

Finally, this team has developed a basic semester long coaching plan for those beginning Destino movements that may give you ideas for coaching a start up.

Fall Coaching Tips

Summer Tip Series


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