Using Summer Connect Content this Fall.

Bob Fuhs gave overall direction to this year’s Summer Connect. 890 students registered, but as many as 1500-1800 may have participated throughout the summer in 129 different Hub locations.

We continue to see the value of Summer Connect and the potential of what this could mean for spiritual development of thousands of students who do not participate in a summer mission.

In a report I heard this past week about Summer Connect, it was suggested that all eight of the archived summer sessions could be excellent semester-long Bible study or weekly meeting content. You can find all eight on the Summer Connect page. They are:

  • Week 1. Summer Refreshed. By James White.
  • Week 2. Refreshing Spirit. By Bob Fuhs.
  • Week 3. Refreshed Refreshers. By Timothy Muehlhoff.
  • Week 4. Refreshed by Experiencing Jesus. By Rick James.
  • Week 5. Life Refreshed. By Carrie Walker Louer.
  • Week 6. Relationships Refreshed. By Renee Begay.
  • Week 7. Refresh the World. By Rasool Berry.
  • Week 8. Back to Campus, Refreshed. By Roger Hershey.

Incidentally, there are specific training topics, other Bible study materials, faith action steps, and a blog, on the page, all of which are just as useful during the semester as over the summer.

Fall Coaching Tips

Summer Tip Series


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