“A Cry of Hope, A Call to Action” by Charles Gilmer.

If I could add my voice to the chorus of so many lamenting the violence of this past week.

When we consider that every person is made in the image of God, He has a plan and purpose for every one. The two African American men and five law enforcement officers killed last week either went to a Christ-less eternity or had God’s purposes for them cut short.

Add to those losses, those in Orlando, San Bernardino, and others in the US, as well as in Istanbul, Baghdad, Medina, Bangladesh, etc. internationally, we see the depravity, and depth that sin takes us. Our hearts grieve. And for us as believers, we long for God to break through.

Several years ago, I read founder and former president of The Impact Movement, Dr. Charles Gilmer’s, A Cry of Hope, A Call to Action. The book, subtitled “Unleashing the Next Generation of Black Christian Leaders”, is a visionary call to make a difference for Christ. Charles chronicles his own spiritual journey and staff history with Campus Crusade for Christ,  and tells how the Impact Movement was born.

The message of hope and transformation is more needed today than when Charles wrote the book. Why not find your copy or pick up one to read sometime before school starts. And then consider sitting down with African American leaders on campus this fall to hear their story. The book may make a great gift, but for sure, listen to their own journey with injustice and inequality.

And if you want to dive further into these issues of injustice and inequality, Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson, is thought provoking and sobering. Our high school executive team read and discussed it this spring. For most of us it was very eye-opening.

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