“Go, following Jesus to the ends of the earth.” by Dave Dishman.

Last year at CSU, most of us picked up a copy of Dave Dishman’s little book GO, following Jesus to the ends of the earth. If you are like me, you probably put it on the shelf to read later. Later was last week for me.

I found GO to be a quick read. I did in two sittings; you can in one. It was very helpful in explaining why we ask others to go on a Global Mission. Dave, National Innovation Director, Global Missions, is humorous and even a bit tongue in cheek. And he doesn’t gloss over the challenges to going. Instead, he admits that that is part of the adventure God has called us to as believers.

Dave writes,

“As I’ve been involved in going to the world for years now, I’ve met fantastic people, seen wonderful sights, been nervous many times, hungry a lot, tired, surprised, shocked, frustrated, angry and lost more than once. In fact, [one night] in Romania, I was lost in the middle of a field with a pack of dogs barking nearby. I wondered if they were hungry and whether I smelled good to them. Had God used me and now it was time for my demise? Thankfully, not. Still, in the midst of all these experiences, have I been bored? No, not really. Adventure and boredom don’t mix.” pp. 15,16.

As I prepared to write this, Dave told me that students reading the book are really motivated towards missions. He knows of some participating in a mission this summer after reading it.

GO is short, and that was intentional. It’s meant to be read and finished. As you know, the longer the book, the less likely it is to be even started, let alone finished. The book is not Cru specific, making it useful beyond Cru groups, with churches and others we partner with. Some staff have even given them as gifts to ministry partners.

To order, staff can get individual copies from the Cru Store. But for bulk orders of 20 or more, at a reduced price, contact Dave at his Cru email. Oh, and by the way, all proceeds from GO goes to Global Missions, not Dave.

If you have not read it, why not set aside some morning over the next few weeks to re-energize your own vision for the world? And then sometime, when your team gets together to plan the year, why not talk about how you can put the book into the hands of your students and encourage them to read it?

If, as we have all been encouraged to consider, you’ve set a goal of sending 10% of your involved students and faculty to the world each year, this is a great tool to help provide motivation toward that end. GO can be a part of your team’s overall strategy for motivating others to go.

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