The question we forget to ask.

You’ve taught your students how to share their faith. You’ve taught them how to follow up and disciple those who place their faith in Christ.

Some of your students will be going on a summer mission, but many will go home and, invariably, may have the opportunity to lead a friend or family member to Christ.

How soon do you encourage your disciples to involve those they’ve led to Christ in reaching out to others?

Some time ago a colleague pointed out a very simple thought from the folks at I am Second on one of their leaders insight posts.

“…We often talk Jesus with non-believing friends and family as if only we have something to bring to the table, when in reality they can bring their entire network of relationships, if only we asked. It all depends on the follow up question you ask when someone responds to Jesus.

The question is simple: “Do you have any friends or family who need to hear about Jesus, too?”. The more recent his infection, the more contagious his enthusiasm. Wait a few days before asking him the question, a month, a year or more, and you exponentially reduce the likelihood he will share Jesus with his friends and the less likely his friends will listen. Ask him on day one, moment one, and you’ll let loose an unstoppable contagion.

You shared Jesus. He responded. He identified people who need to hear what you told him. Now, for some on the spot training. Review and repeat. You are about to send out a brand new evangelist, a missionary to the unreached people group called “his friends”, so get to training… Repeat back the message of Jesus you shared with him, and have him rehearse it back, putting it in his own words, with his own story…

Make a plan. Have this new disciple make a list of people she wants to share Jesus with that week… Follow up. Ask her how it went. Pray for her. Encourage and keep empowering her. You’ll be surprised by how contagious a new disciple can be, if only you’ll ask her, train her, and send her out.”

You may not have time to do all that is suggested in I am Second’s leaders insight post. But there is no question that the longer we wait in encouraging them to tell their friends and family about the decision they just made, the harder it gets for them to reach out in a meaningful way.

Why not file this one away in your evangelism training folder for use later?

Some tips on ending the year well.


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