A “review” session before finals.

Do you remember how valuable the review session was before finals? Maybe you didn’t need them, but I sure did. It was a way for me to learn what I had forgotten and what I never did learn in the first place.

You will be saying goodbye to your students for the summer and some to graduation. How about a review session to bring to mind those things you have talked about and trained them in?

By way of reminder, and this comes from the snapshot of the Campus Ministry Plan:

  • Purpose: To Glorify God by Helping Fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Mission: Turning Lost Students and Faculty into Life-Long Christ-Centered Laborers.
  • Values: Faith, Growth, Fruitfulness
  • Missional Objectives: Christ-Like Leadership | Missional Teams | Mobilized Christ-Centered Laborers | Gospel Experiences | Changed Lives
  • DNA: Win, Build, Send in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

It might be good to spend some time reviewing some things about prayer, evangelism, discipleship and sending.

Prayer. Certainly there are the elements of worship, praise, adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. But prayer is being in partnership with the Lord. Nothing happens on own own. Your students will be entering an environment that is not naturally conducive to ministry taking place. Prayer needs to an ongoing conversation with the Lord, and involves an expectant heart to be alert to opportunities that God brings our way.

Evangelism. Your students will have seen a lot of harvesting types of evangelism. They might even be aware of the three modes of evangelism—ministry, natural, and body. But they will be entering a place where they will be doing more sowing. As they transition from a large to small audience, most of their evangelism will be in the natural mode. They must begin by building the relationship with those they work with and meet regularly. Using the Missional Map, “I wonder” questions, asking Sometime questions, acts of service, etc. all build trust so that when opportunities come up where their friends show curiosity, openness to change, and interest in the Gospel, then their considerable training in evangelism comes to bear.

Discipleship. Your students may not value the training that they have received. Most Christians they encounter have not had the type and depth of training they have. They may not know how to be filled with and walk in the power of the Spirit, share their story, have a personal devotional life, or know how study the Word. They will be encountering non-believers, but they also have something to offer other believers. But it is essential they begin with a spirit of humility.

Sending. The fact of the matter is they are now the ones being sent. They are taking a job, moving into a new neighborhood. But sending may not just happen once. They may take another job or position, they may participate with a mission in their church. They will continue to be involved in activities that build their faith and vision. These are all part of the sending that God takes us on. They really should know about the Life On Mission pages.

You will have your own particular emphases, but maybe this has given you some ideas for your own review session as you prepare your students for a summer of grow and a lifetime of ministry.

Ending the Year Well


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