Leadership Planning for Next Year

At the risk of shameless self-promotion, you may have seen this list in the last QuickRead. It was an attempt to help us all be intentional about how we wrap-up the spring, set up the summer, and plan for the fall, all of which are necessary.

It is really important to do some fall planning now so that your leaders can hit the ground running when school starts in August. The window of opportunity is very brief when incoming freshmen decide whom and what they will follow.

You may have seen the “Square/Triangle/Circle” diagram describing three different leadership models. How you lead that planning time for next year will of necessity be different for each movement form.

For the triangle and circle campuses you want to remember, “Do only what you can do.” not what the leaders can do for themselves. Otherwise you rob them of the opportunity to lead. What you can do is provide direction, resources, and a planning grid for them to think through what they are trusting God for next year.

Last year about this time, I was invited by the Central West Oval Team in California to lead a day of planning with their leaders from around the San Joaquin Valley. I thought it might be helpful to share a basic outline and link to some resources that I gave these students to help them in their planning.






Leadership development

Whether you have an hour or a day with your leaders, some of these may be helpful in their planning ahead for the Fall.

Ending the Year Well


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