Multiplying leaders and movements.

Today’s tip is the final in a series about the collaborative work done by Global Catalytic staff at a gathering in December. We’ve already looked at

  1. Exploring new locations to launch movements.
  2. Challenging those with potential to be Key Volunteers.
  3. Coaching effectively the students and volunteers leading their movements.

Today, let’s look at “Multiplying by increasing from one person to one team and from one campus to many.”

Some common elements, principles, and values of multiplying are:

  • Prayer: Pray when we plan, pray when we go, pray when we send.
  • Cast vision broadly. Discuss multiplication and challenge them at the beginning.
  • Find the right people and filter well.
  • Model multiplying by taking them with you as you go.
  • Any spirit-filled Christian can be a Key Volunteer (KV), regardless of background.
  • Don’t underestimate students. Give them freedom and trust their initiative.
  • Provide KVs with sufficient exposure, modeling, and evaluation in the field.
  • Don’t do what they can do or else we make them dependent upon us.
  • Be transparent and make everything simple and transferable.
  • Prepare them for obstacles.
  • Provide guidance to leaders until we are confident they have our win, build, and send DNA.
  • Coach KVs to transfer what they know and do to others. 2 Timothy 2:2.
  • Have a 100% mindset, that students can keep multiplying after they graduate.

As I’ve mentioned, this was a gathering of practitioners, staff who were already coaching seven or more separate locations, or supervising others who are. After all of our discussion about Exploring, Challenging, Coaching, and Multiplying, each person was asked to set some realistic goals for the coming year. Even with all that everyone was already doing, these staff intend to explore four or five new campuses and are trusting God for 10-15 new KVs each.

As I have tried to summarize our discussions over those four days in December, it has been great reliving many of the stimulating conversations that I had with these visionary staff. There are still ideas presented that week that I may try to pass on sometime.

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