Coaching more students and volunteers.

I’ve been telling about a December gathering of experienced Global Catalytic staff. 60 staff already coaching multiple campuses discussed getting to the rest of the campuses God is leading us to. Each of our four days together had a specific theme.

  1. Exploring new locations to launch movements.
  2. Challenging those with potential to be Key Volunteers.
  3. Coaching effectively the students and volunteers leading their movements.
  4. Multiplying by increasing from one person to one team and from one campus to many.

Today, let’s look at coaching.

Some common elements, principles, and values of coaching are:

  • Consistent, regular contact using a variety of means: the phone, apps, online, and face-to-face. Develop the relationship.
  • Connect students in community for encouragement and peer coaching.
  • Staff are not the only source of discipleship. Students need each other, local church, etc. God causes growth. Don’t make yourself essential.
  • Empower students by asking good questions and letting them discover answers.
  • Build trust in the Lord. Spend time on their spiritual development and character, not just ministry skills. Balance walk with the Lord and ministry.
  • Cast vision.
  • Helping them set goals and accountability to accomplish their vision.
  • Listen.
  • Transferability and transparency in all things. Make even coaching easy to reproduce by not positioning yourself as an expert. Explain how and why you do what you do.

Because one way doesn’t work in every situation, we engaged in a kinetic exercise to look at tensions in coaching.

  1. Do you spend time with your KV outside of coaching?

55% rarely do, 31% often do, and 13% may or may not.

  1. Do you use a set content as you coach your KVs?

12% no set content, 10% uses a set content, and 78% mix it up depending on the individual.

  1. Do you prefer Exploring or Coaching?

50% prefer coaching, 38% prefer exploring, and 12% like mixing it up.

Again, the value of such exercises shows up that not all who coach multiple campuses do it the same way. There is room for differing approaches.

Some related tips


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