Exploring campuses for launching.

In December, I had the privilege of attending a Global Student-Led Movements gathering with about 60 Catalytic staff. The intent was to bring together many already coaching multiple campuses for the purpose of learning how to get to the rest of the campuses God is leading us to.

Each of our four days together had a specific theme.

  1. Exploring new locations to launch movements.
  2. Challenging those with potential to be Key Volunteers.
  3. Coaching effectively the students and volunteers leading their movements.
  4. Multiplying by increasing from one person to one team and from one campus to many.

Over the next four weeks, I will share some summary thoughts about each them along with some of what my table discussed. Today, we will look at exploring.


Some common elements of exploring:

  • Determine the appropriate scope for the team.
  • Look for potential Key Volunteers (KVs), those in whom God is already at work. In doing so, we should cast a wide net, going to churches, identifying existing believers, and even asking those in existing ministries for potential leads.
  • Share the gospel as part of our exploring efforts. This shows potential leaders the priority evangelism has in our efforts.
  • Take the initiative with others.
  • Cast vision to potential KV’s.
  • Identifying existing believers.
  • Prayer and fasting before and when we go.

Common principles and values that drive exploring:

  • Look for people in whom God is already at work in their hearts. These may be the ones to lead our efforts on the campus.
  • Join God where He is already working. Exploring to launch is a spiritual endeavor. We are completely dependent upon Him to lead us to those who will open doors and lead the movement.
  • God is at work and has prepared cities and students.
  • Believe in God and trust your students.
  • Keep what we do simple and transferable.
  • Prayer and fasting.
  • Obeying God – “just do it”.
  • Look for a “person of peace,” some may be believers, but others not.

We had a kinetic exercise each day when we looked at various tensions or options. Staff moved to the side of the room to indicate their preferred practice or approach. It showed us the different ways to explore campuses to launch.

On this particular day, we were asked:

Do you physically go to explore a campus, or do it digitally?

  • Of the 60 some attending, 78% physically go to the campus, 15% explore digitally, and 7% employ a mixture of the two approaches.

Do you explore a campus alone, or with others?

  • 76% explore with others, 3% alone, and 20% mixed.

Do you, first, look for believers, or share with non-believers?

  • 48% look for believers, 48% share the Gospel, and 4% do both.

Do you expect that God has prepared potential KV’s to lead already, that they will need to be prepared, or could it be either?

  • 14% said prepared already, 45% think they need to be prepared, and 41% could expect either.

Again, while everyone gathered coached many campuses and seek to launch even more, we had different expectations and approaches when exploring new campuses. One size does not fit all.

In trusting God to take the Gospel to every student, to build a movement on every campus, and to raise up leaders in every nation, exploring where God is at work, challenging others to join with us, coaching them as they lead their ministry, and multiplying our efforts are essential.

Other related tips.


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