Advent Devotions on the My Cru app.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Each one of us has a unique combination of sacred and secular perspectives surrounding Advent and Christmas.

For some, this is a wonderful time of year. But for many it is not. Regardless, God has something for each one of us as we draw near to Him during this Christmas season.

Advent devotions are a wonderful way God can prepare our hearts. This year, our ministry is testing a devotional and a ministry platform to help you grow with your disciples while you all are away on semester break. That gap between the last face-to-face time and the Winter Conference or start of next semester can be really hard for many.

Keith and Kim Bubalo have worked in collaboration with Cru developers and authors like Rasool Berry, Vivian Mabuni, Matt Mikalatos, Jane Armstrong, and Jamey Pappas. Together they have developed 14 short Advent-themed devotionals, inspiring the call to fully surrender to Jesus in everyday life. The devotionals provide a good lead-in for those going to your winter conference, and helps to keep them engaged and living on mission after the conference. They think you will love the content.

This devotional is hosted on a web and mobile platform that allows people to interact and move through spiritual content together. By trying out the devotional, you will actually be helping them improve the platform through your feedback.

It is very important to understand that the greater value of this devotional is the connection to your group, your disciples, or your community. The platform is designed to help facilitate that connection during the times when you cannot be face-to-face.

Click here to get started. You will be able to overview the material and app, as well as sign up. Also on this page you will find two brief, but very helpful videos and some FAQ.

When you sign up, you’ll receive your unique invitation link for your small group. This is an invitation only format. Once you receive your link, share it with those you’d like to join in on your study. The date to begin will be December 11th, culminating on the 24th. (There is an option for other start and end dates, but you wouldn’t get the daily notifications that actually increase user participation.)

Obviously, this is as much about the platform as the devotion. The platform is still in beta. It’s not optimal and there are features yet to be fully developed. But your input will be helpful for the developers. Please freely invite other digital savvy student leaders who might be interested in testing this.

And while we are on the topic of Christmas, Reaching out in December is a tip I’ve sent out before with specific outreach ideas and timely ways of appreciating those who make your ministry possible on your campuses.


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