We talk a lot in our ministry about “growing where we are” and “going where we aren’t”.

There are skills for launching a movement, and others, such as evangelism, discipleship, teaching, crossing cultural bridges, coaching, networking, fund development, etc., for building one. Sometimes it’s hard to sort out natural gifting and abilities from what our training has developed in us.

APEST is an assessment that measures ministry motivation and expression. Based upon the fivefold ministry of Ephesians 4, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, and Teacher, APEST helps you find your unique ministry contribution.

You can read more about APEST with descriptions of each of the five ministries.

Here is an excerpt from that page.

“The APEST material originated in the writings of Paul. For there to be movement or growth in any context, a team should draw upon the natural energy and momentum inherent in each member. Every person functions in unique ways. It is remarkable when a group allows each member to function out of their natural capacities, thus contributing to the overall movement, direction, and wisdom of a team. APEST™ is designed to help people identify their natural, ministry motivation and expression in a given situation.”

You can view a sample profile report.

You can begin your own assessment here.

In their explanation, they say, “APEST leads one to new areas of learning and integration for increased ministry engagement [and] provides a quantified result to identify one’s current place for influence within a larger community.

With so much that we are trusting God to do, it is so important that we all find our unique contribution to the mission.


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