Accelerating movement growth beyond our efforts.

During these first few weeks of this campus year, I’ve been writing about the five areas of strategic focus of the US Campus Ministry.

  1. WBS Movements
  2. Multiethnic Organization
  3. Stakeholders & Partnerships
  4. Movement Accelerators
  5. Prayer Catalysts

We have said that as a ministry we want to develop movement accelerators such as digital strategies and transferable WBS resources.

Our High School Ministry developed High School Ministry 101 to help volunteers understand our Cru DNA. While one is unique to high school ministry, the other ten could easily be found in any of our Cru ministries. In fact some of them are the very resources we use in our college ministries.

Most of these essential DNA topics has a brief video explaining the content and a full article.

Certainly if you know someone, maybe a student in your ministry trying to reach out to high school students, this could be of tremendous help to them. But the value, as I see it, is in helping anyone instill win, build, and send DNA when you can’t be there.

There’s a lot of time when you are not face-to-face with students. Movement accelerators are resources such as 101 or another great example, Starting with God. And they are available 24/7. Consider how you can add some digital resource to your normal ministry practices and see if students don’t start to take more initiative.


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