Prayer, Care, Share

I’ve mentioned before that I am a part of a Curation project, looking at resources essential for a student or volunteer launching and building a movement on their campus.

I want to highlight two today that have come up in our survey of resources.

One is about Prayer, Care, Share. One of our team said that this is a simple way to rally everyone in a movement to personal outreach through simple actions.

I first became aware of Prayer, Care, Share maybe a dozen years ago, when hundreds of campuses made a concerted effort to pray for two weeks, show acts of kindness in expressing care for the next two weeks, and then training in evangelism for the final two weeks leading up to a one day of faith.

Interestingly, as I write this, I am returning from two days of meetings with a group planning a gathering of up to 1 million on the National Mall in Washington DC next summer. Many organizations are rallying around the concept of Reset. We will most likely be hearing more about this effort to call Christians to reset our relationship with the Lord, our personal relationships, our communities, and our nation.

Anyway, during one meeting, someone mentioned Prayer, Care, Share. I thought it was interesting that others also see the value of incorporating prayer and care into their outreach.

One other tool that’s come up in our survey of resources is called Evangelistic Movements: An Outcome Based Analysis.

One of our team found this particularly valuable in analyzing how we are doing in different aspects of evangelism within each movement we lead. We did, however, sense a need for direction on taking the next appropriate steps.

I don’t know if either of these tools will make it on the list of essentials for student and volunteer leaders leading their movements. But I thought they could be helpful for us as we think about our overall evangelism strategy and assessing evangelism effectiveness on our campuses.

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