What have we lost?

There is an interesting story in 2 Chronicles about finding the Book of the Law in the temple. Young King Josiah did right in the sight of the Lord. He sought after God, made it a point to remove the idolatrous places in Judah and Jerusalem, and instructed that the temple be repaired.

It was during those repairs that the high priest “found the Book of the Law that had been given through Moses.” 2 Chronicles 34:14 NIV. When they read the book to King Josiah, they were fearful about what they read.

Does it seem curious to you that the most significant book identifying an entire people could be lost? But not only was the book lost, they had forgotten its contents.

I happen to be a part of a “curation” project, sifting through materials that our ministry has used over the last 10, 20 or even 30 years. Now it is nothing like discovering the lost book of the law, and we do live in an information age unparalleled in history, but it does seem like some of the information I’ve come across was incredibly helpful at the time and we have since forgotten about it.

One such resource was Clarifying Questions that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Some of those questions may not be helpful today. But there were some that I remember asking a long time ago that I had forgotten about.

Over the summer, I will focus on two things in these tips. 1. Bring back to our attention resources that we might have forgotten about, and 2. Challenge some of our traditional thinking about ministry.

Could it be that some of what we do in ministry borders more on “the traditions of men” rather than the “book of the law”? I welcome your thoughts on either topic.


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