Summer Connect

No doubt you have been hearing about Summer Connect, known last year as Mission Summer.

In a recent informational email to the MTLs in the PSW, Chris Comstock, MTL, UC Santa Barbara, explained everything from registration to the coaching process. I like how he explained what Summer Connect is.

“Summer Connect is Cru’s strategic attempt at capturing the 94% of Cru students who don’t end up participating in a traditional Summer Mission project each year. Whether they have internships, summer job opportunities, or simply need to be at home, Summer Connect will allow these students to get much of the same rich discipleship content, stay connected to the Cru community and DNA, and hopefully will set them up to come back to your ministry in the Fall more equipped than when they left for the summer, ready to contribute and lead in a meaningful way.

“The venue for this will be online engagement with material, recorded talks from national leaders, and Sunday Night Live which is a gathering of Summer Connect students from all over the nation tuning in for a live webcast where Cru national and other Christian leaders will be sharing with these students, with opportunities for discussion and connection with other Summer Connect students after.”

I remember going home one summer as a student at Penn State and leading two high school girls, a widow in her 50’s, and a young married couple in a study of our transferable concepts. That experience really helped me to continue growing in my faith and my understanding of how God might use me.

Imagine, the majority of your students being involved in Summer Connect and having opportunities to put their faith in action, sharing their faith, discipling high school friends, or even starting a ministry.

Here are some helpful resources.

Instead of wondering whether your students will make it spiritually, Summer Connect can help provide the community and context for growth this summer.

Other tips on finishing the campus year.


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