Planning the first six weeks.

We all have a lot going on this time of the year. Ending the year well involves paying attention to the many details. Last week, I offered a coaching plan for this last month of school.

Today, I want to zero in on planning for the first six weeks of the fall semester.

You want to go into the busiest, and most critical time of the campus year knowing what you are doing and who is leading your scheduled venues. You don’t want to waste precious time setting up when you could be meeting and involving new students. This is even more important if you lead multiple movements.

  • How will you gather contacts? Will you do surveys? Have give-a-way tables?
  • Where are your first weekly meetings? Who is speaking? Who else has roles?
  • Do you have your first socials planned? Where? What can be done ahead of time?
  • What do you have planned for each campus’s Freshman Orientation Week? Every event you sponsor helps connect students to your movements. Who is leading? What can be scheduled now?
  • When is the earliest you can contact freshmen? Can you email or send something to them? What needs to happen?
  • Is there anything you need to do to make sure your status on each campus stays current?

Nine Principles for the First Six Weeks is very helpful in thinking through that strategic time. It mentions questionnaires for meeting interested freshmen and doing publicity so students can find you. There is also a chart at the end, for writing down plans for prayer, evangelism, discipleship and sending.


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