Helping education majors on mission.

Fallon recently told how on a particularly depressing day in her troubled life someone noticed her and asked how she was doing. A teacher expressed care and concern. Eventually, they began to discuss personal faith and Fallon began asking questions.

This teacher told her that her greatest need was to know Jesus. Over the next year or so Fallon would grow closer to that teacher and closer to Christ. In referring to her teacher, Fallon says that she has become like a second mom to her.

Scott Livermore, Director, Educators on Mission, and personal ministry coach with our high school ministry’s Coaching Center, asks the question, “Isn’t that why so many Christ followers get into teaching in the first place – to have an eternal impact in the lives of their students?”

He explains that “Educators on Mission” is a strategic initiative helping current and future teachers grow in their relationship with Christ. And since ministry is an overflow of intimacy with God, to also help them grow in their effectiveness as a witness for Christ, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Sending our disciples to the mission field is a critical part of what we do in Cru. Some join with us on staff, but most follow another calling God has for them.

Most of us have education majors involved in our ministries. At one point a few years ago, our conference registration system listed 7000 education majors who had attended a Cru venue.

Most of those left our movements and went on to teach. Teachers have direct access to students. They have influence in the campus community. Their administration and peers trust them. According to Scott, there are believing teachers in every community.

He shared with me that our ministry has talked about “every” for a long time – every student, every campus, that everyone knows someone who knows and follows Jesus. Teachers offer us a strategic leap forward in helping fulfill the Great Commission, making that “every” possible.

Why not take some time as a staff team and list the education majors in your movements and former students teaching today.

Scott mentioned specific resources to help current teachers.

  1. The opportunity to be in a mentoring group for those in their first three years of teaching, led by a seasoned, mission-minded educator.
  2. Connect with Christian Educators Association, International ( They have great resources for inside the classroom.
  3. International teaching opportunities. Many places in the world would love to hire American teachers (some are Christian School opportunities and some are public schools).

There are also opportunities for future teachers.

  1. Education Majors Summer Mission. Two weeks in the Colorado Rockies learning what’s legal, practical, and possible as a public school teacher.
  2. Volunteer opportunities with high school students leading training seminars at high school student conferences.
  3. Community with other Education Majors.

Here is a video of three teachers talking about how God is using them to impact students.

Finally, Educators on Mission offers a number of Educator Resources that you can use to help current and future teachers. If you have specific questions, you can email Scott at


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