When I was a student at Penn State, Wayne Okamoto and I prayer walked around East Halls every Thursday night for a year. I remember very specifically how we prayed that as the lights of those dorm rooms shown in the dark night, that God would cause Christians in our dorm complex to be light in a dark world.

God did some incredible things during that time. First, it cemented our friendship. Wayne and I were in the same study for two years. We would eventually serve together in New England on different teams several years later. I think we would each say that we benefited more from the relationship than we were a benefit to the other. But I would be right!

Also, that time of prayer grew our vision of what we were trusting God for in our dorm complex. We would collaborate on outreaches and growing our discipleship groups. Each of us discipled guys who discipled guys who discipled other guys.

Wayne and I weren’t the only ones praying. There would eventually be more than a hundred students praying most nights from 6-7pm in an unused stairwell for spiritual openness and awakening as well as for our friends. Most of us believe we saw something of a spiritual awakening in East Halls during those years. We know He was hearing our prayers.

As I write this, it’s February. Much of the north is under wind chill and winter storm warnings. It’s not fun to walk around a dorm complex in the dead of winter. But Wayne and I committed to doing just that. Gosh it was cold some of those nights on that 45 minute walk around those dorms, especially with the wind whipping on the north side. But God used those times in us and in many of our believing and non-believing friends.

Why not grab a partner and take a prayer walk tonight. Be sure to bundle up! Let’s see what God will do.

Some other tips on prayer:


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