Mid-course Evaluation

I don’t know who said it, but there is a saying, “Everything eventually gets off course.” How true. Nothing in life if left to itself will complete the course without mid-course adjustment.

We are at the mid-point of our campus year. It’s time to take a look at our Cycle of Planning and Cycle of Development.

Just as we work through our position focus review and updates at this point in our year-long Cycle of Development, so we want to review our strategic plan. The Goals Learning Loop helps us do just that.

This particular box in the learning loop is what we want to focus on as we determine if we are on pace or not.

Erwin Lutzer wrote a book a number of years ago called, “Failure: The Backdoor to Success”. Even plans that have gone awry can actually contain the seeds of success. But we need to be intentional about learning where we are and how we arrived at this point.


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