The Next Context

Our CFM National Team recently met and, among other things, we talked about our areas of strategic focus.

One of those was familiar, though the wording was a bit different. “Launching and building sustainable movements of WBS [win, build, send] strategically positioned to reach our scope in the USA and the world.” has been a priority all along for us.

If you are like me, a picture helps to understand this better than words.

You can find both this updated picture of the 4 Aims and the Stages of Movement Development and an article explaining them on CruPressGreen.

Some time ago, Patty McCain and David Martinelli, Executive Directors, CFM were talking about these and they said that a helpful exercise for us would be to draw out our own picture of where we are working and current movements and then to ask ourselves what is the next context that we as a team want to go after.

So, in your normal evaluation of the Fall semester and as you think about what you are trusting God to do next semester, how about taking a moment to draw out your own 4 Aims picture with your own current reality and brainstorm what new context you might go after as a team next semester.

When you are done with your picture, please send me a copy of it. I would love to rejoice with you and pray along with you about where you are headed.


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