Thankfulness and Civility

Is it ever okay to be uncivil in anonymity?
Can I “nail” someone and be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. As Christians we often talk about the importance of being thankful all year round. Can you post a zinger on Facebook and still be thankful in your heart? Christ-likeness is an essential characteristic of one who walks with Jesus, and even more so for those of us who serve Him. Can I tweet a slam and be considered Christ-like?

I was recently told of someone who received their 15 minutes of fame, not by their own chosing. Peter Greer, is president and CEO of a global nonprofit. He posted a picture that went viral. In three days, it had 18 million views. Many of the comments turned out to be ugly and down-right mean.

Greer shared several lessons from the experience, one was “we need to learn how to disagree.” His blog post is a thoughtful read.

For those of us who make our living proclaiming the Gospel, it is even more incumbent upon us to be civil in both our public and private interactions, both face-to-face and from behind a computer screen.

For further reading.
A Chance to Build Trust.


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