Adding to what you do.

As I write this we are visiting our oldest son’s family. They just had their third baby. Playing with big sister and brother and holding little Jude reminds us what it was like with our own three boys.

Caring for a newborn is a 24/7 proposition. Up nights. Feeding. Changing diapers. Getting pee-ed on. (Yes, I did.) Etc. Etc. His parents are tired. We’re here to help for a few days. As with most new parents, they love their kids, and they welcome involvement from others they trust.

The parallels to the spiritual realm are many. You share your faith, you lead someone to Christ, and then you follow them up. But what kind of care are you giving that newborn babe in Christ when you’re not there? All kinds of questions, doubts, and skepticism from friends can creep in when you’re not there to set their hearts at ease.

I was on a phone call recently with others talking about integrating into our normal day-to-day, face-to-face ministry.

Suppose someone prays to receive Christ. Ideally, you would try to meet with them the next day to go through initial follow up. In reality it might be several days, during which they could have lots of discouragement and doubts. Why not take them directly to and have them sign up? By the time you meet again, they would have received one or two emails, answering questions, and providing assurance about their decision.

Then when you meet for normal follow up, what you would normally give them reinforces what they’ve read and solidifies their understanding.

Or how about this? Suppose you shared your faith and they had questions. Your first impulse is to schedule another meeting. But why not show them and point out some articles there? Then schedule that meeting?

Here is the point. and are available 24/7. You won’t be in that dorm or the Union at 2:30am for their questions. But they can read an email, follow links, read more topics, wonder about that question too, and, generally, receive excellent input that you can help interpret. And you showed them how to access them.

Sometimes we dichotomize between personal and internet ministry. But by using right alongside your normal evangelism and discipleship, you partner more purposely with the Holy Spirit and increase the amount of care you provide.

If you are not familiar with or, why not carve out 15 minutes to browse through the sites. Think who you would like to show these to that you will meet with this week. Then download the Ripple Effect, Marilyn Adamson’s free, e-book at, the resource site for the other two.

You can extend your reach and build disciples more effectively.


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