There’s got to be an easier way!

  • Someone attended your Fall Conferences from another campus. They expressed interest in having Cru there.
  • A freshman with lots of promise told you they have good friends on a campus where there is no Cru and asked you if there was a way to get something started there.

You want to say “Yes!”, but you’re not sure you can swing spending a day driving to their campus to get things started.

Brian Hudkins, Launch Specialist on our Student LINC team, never travels to any campus where he starts a ministry. Instead he sends links to several articles to potential leaders and asks them to read them and record their impressions. His conversations focus on the heart of a leader and our ministry distinctives that they pick up from those articles.

You can do the same thing. In three or four phone calls you could start a new movement.

After his initial conversation getting to know them, Brian asks them to read these articles. They are all short, one or two pages only.

After discussing those, he asks them to read these.

After his third conversation.

The value of doing this from a distance is how clearly this communicates to them that they are the leaders and that they will be responsible.

But think how exciting it will be when you see God use you and to launch someone else into a ministry of evangelism and discipleship in their sphere of influence!


2 thoughts on “There’s got to be an easier way!

    1. Gilbert Kingsley Post author

      Yes, Jeff.
      And Brian is very good at it. But I am looking forward to the day when there are a thousand others who can launch ministries like Brian.
      All it takes is to see God use us to launch others into ministry to see how much further God can extend our individual reach beyond what we can see.


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