Cru High School Training Videos

In today’s YouTube world, more people learn by watching videos than they do reading instructions. When I was trying to figure out how to take out an old bathtub a while ago, I came across a YouTube video of two women breaking up a tub with a maul. That’s all I needed to start swinging my maul.

What if we had readily accessible training videos for our students, faculty and volunteers? Cru High School is developing videos on basic ministry skills as well as descriptions of the 11 Cru High School 101 essentials. Many of these have broader use than just high school.

College students interested in ministering to high school students can watch these and gain confidence in reaching out. Some basic training videos include:

The 11 essential Cru High School 101 messages are:

  • Understanding Win, Build, Send
  • Cru High School Distinctive Marks
  • Explaining Cru High School
  • Meeting and Relating to Students
  • Using a Tool to Share the Gospel
  • Using a Tool to Share the Spirit-filled Life
  • Sharing Your Personal Testimony
  • Setting up a Personal Appointment
  • How to Follow up New Christians
  • Planning and Conducting an Outreach
  • How to Lead a Small Group

There are over 300 active Cru HS volunteers. That’s considerably more than staff, stinters, and intern. The video training team of Kevin Young, Melody Sibben, Dave Meritt and Jake Fritzke are helping to give them and anyone else working with high school students the skills needed to touch this significant demographic.


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