Afraid of offending?

“Few people enjoy conflict. We want to get along with others, and it is much easier to stick to topics where we can agree, or at least pretend to agree. But is that stopping you from sharing your faith? Does the fear of offending someone keep you from saying anything at all?”

This is how Jeff Grant, College Missionary and Partnership Specialist on our Student LINC Team, starts his article “Are you afraid of offending people with your faith?” I thought you might find his article helpful in encouraging those you work with to share their faith.

Jeff continues,
“It’s a valid concern. The truth is, we might offend people. The gospel asks for a person to change, and that can be a tough pill to swallow. Others might take offense at the need for a Savior or to bow to a Lord. In fact, Jesus pretty much promises that people will be angry at His message (Luke 21:12-19).

“When concern for keeping things pleasant keeps you from talking about Jesus, you might need to do a heart check…”

Jeff continues by telling how we typically choose comfort–comfort over obedience to the Lord, comfort over love for those we are talking with, and comfort over ourselves! Now that was insightful. Read on for more.

He concludes with a very simple action step and some links to helpful resources.
“Consider starting with a “sometime” question. Ask a friend or family member, “could we sit down sometime so I can hear about your thoughts and experiences about spiritual stuff? I’d love to share mine with you as well.” When you do have that conversation, be ready to ask good questions and listen well. Then, tell them your story and be sure to include how the Bible says they can know God personally.”


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