Without Fanfare.

Several years ago, I officiated a wedding in historic Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. First, I was both nervous and excited to do the wedding. But, second, to perform the ceremony in such an auspicious chapel was something else.

If you don’t know anything about Loretto Chapel, it has a beautiful spiral staircase with as much legend as beauty surrounding it.

(From WorldAtlas.com.)

You can read for yourself about the staircase, the engineering behind it, and the circumstances of how it was built.

Part of the legend surrounds the mysterious carpenter. Supposedly, he disappeared before he was paid and attempts to find him were fruitless. Those who debunk the legend are silent about the anonymity of the carpenter.

It is an interesting story. But the point is, a man entered town, saw the need that the sisters had for a staircase in their chapel, and built it without pay or fanfare.

  • Do we do our work without fanfare?
  • Do we need to be recognized, affirmed, thanked, appreciated, or told how great we are?
  • Are we able to serve in obscurity, behind the scenes, content if only God sees?

As one whose first love language is “words of affirmation”, this is particularly hard for me. I enjoy the encouragement and affirmation of others. Maybe you do too.

As ministers of the Gospel, we are called upon to serve the Lord with our whole hearts. God is our audience, and we serve, work, and do “as unto Him”.

  • Consider today, do you want the words of praise from men more or those from the Lord.
  • Ask Him for contentment in whatever circumstance (Phil. 4:13) you find yourself, including whether or not you have people around you who appreciate you or not
  • Ask Him for the willingness to will and to do of His good pleasure, regardless.

Tips in the “Better Minister” series:

giving gifts,
use of words,
being inspiring,
power of vulnerability,
contagious emotion,
understanding connectors, and
extending grace.



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