Inspiring Others to Action

Just by way of reminder, I am continuing my coaching tips over the summer. My emphasis is on helping you be a better minister.

Today, I am asking this question:
How do you communicate your vision?

If you’re like me you may find yourself answering questions the person hasn’t asked. We address the “what?” and “how?” before we have answered the “why?”.

Whether you’re casting vision to a potential ministry partner, or a freshman, or potential volunteer, Simon Sinek’s TED talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action offer’s great insight.

Now, this was filmed five years ago and some of his examples are dated. Nevertheless, Sinek’s model of the golden circle inspires cooperation, trust and change.

Simon Sinek is author of “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last.”

If you want to get better at inspiring others to action, let me encourage you to set aside 18 minutes to listen to this insightful TED talk.

Previous Tips

Give a gift, not a guilt.

TED Talks

If you’re not familiar with TED, their webpage says it “is a platform for ideas worth spreading. Started in 1984 as a conference where technology, entertainment and design converged, TED today shares ideas from a broad spectrum—from science to business to global issues—in more than 100 languages.”


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