Give a gift, not a guilt.

I had been a Christian for five years, on Cru staff at the time, and starting to get involved in a local church. There was going to be a baptismal service and I had not been baptized.

I was a bit nervous to tell the pastor. Somehow I thought he would ask why I hadn’t been baptized sooner.

When I finally worked up the nerve to tell him, he was so excited for me. “That’s awesome. Good for you. Okay now, here is what you need to do.”  That pastor gave me a gift, not a guilt.

“Give a gift, not a guilt.”

Oftentimes we think we are being positive. But the impression others have of us is not so much. One way this happens is when we are calling to set up appointments.

For example, someone filled out a survey. You call to try to meet. No answer. You call again in a few days. Still no answer. You leave a message. You call again in a few days. Still no response. You might say something like, “Hey, give me a call sometime. I’d love to meet with you.” Still no response.

You’re trying to be positive and upbeat. But they’ve seen your number. They’ve heard your message… twice. They may feel bad that they haven’t called. The result? Guilt.

Is there some way you can give them something of value? A thought? An invitation? Humor? When you do, you leave a gift. Their last impression of you is positive, rather than negative.

Can you think of other ways that you can give a gift, rather than a guilt in your interactions with others?


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