Body Mode Evangelism

I recently sent a tip called Evangelism Café. It contained a comprehensive list of evangelistic strategies in each of the three modes, Body, Natural, and Ministry.

Last week, I double clicked on one of those outreaches, Perspectives Cards.

Today, let’s take a look at Body evangelism.

Larry Stephens, who leads the Speakers Forum on the R&D Team, recently represented their team informing ours about projects they are working on. He happened to mention some interesting data Keith Davy, Executive Director, R&D, found out at one winter conference about how students came to Christ.

  • 769 responses.
  • 2 of 3 came to faith and raised in a Christian home.
  • 10.6% indicated coming to Christ through Cru or a Cru involved believer.
  • Or, as Keith explained, another way to look at this, 31.7% of those not raised in a Christian home came to faith through Cru.
  • Of the students led to faith by Cru, the breakdown of the modes of witness were: 67.0% body; 29.2% Natural; 3.6% Ministry.

There are a lot of ways to look at this, and it certainly doesn’t tell the whole story about our evangelistic efforts. But it is encouraging to see how many are coming to Christ that are already connected relationally. But do we understand the power of the body in evangelism and are we intentional about inviting non-believers into our fellowship so that can happen?

Here is one article on using socials and parties in evangelism. Holding a Matthew Party.

I would like to hear more about what you are finding that works in body evangelism. Would you write back telling me how you are inviting non-believers to socials, to I Am Second or Alpha groups, or to Gospel in Action events. Are there any other ways you are inviting into your community?

For more on this topic see Belonging Coming Before Believing.


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