Ideas Generating Ideas

Have you looked at CruPressGreen lately?

I went to CPG recently to look for a document and decided to poke around a bit. It has been re-designed and it’s easier to navigate through the hundred’s of resources.

“Digital Ministry Resources” organizes articles around six categories.

  • Growing movements.
  • Evangelism.
  • Discipleship.
  • Small groups.
  • Body life.
  • Sending.

Each category is broken down into sub-topics. For example, Evangelism organizes around Outreach Strategies, Evangelism Training and Apologetics. It is easier to find something when I don’t know I what I’m looking for.

Some of the other features include.

  • “Green Blog”—Great insight from various staff.
  • “New on Green”—New resources and ideas for our ministries.
  • “Featured Resources”—Some of the best of what staff, students, faculty and volunteers are using.

Just for the fun of it, I clicked on something listed in the New on Green section called “Text 4 Cookie Outreach“. It describes it as a “two-day outreach strategy that gives Residence Hall students an opportunity to get free cookies and ask their questions about God while training your Cru students in apologetics and evangelism.” I was intrigued.

Years ago I did a tip on Christmas outreach ideas. I keep looking for new ideas that others use. I thought this Text 4 Cookie idea could easily be adapted to ask what people think of Christmas or whether they think Jesus’s birth has any relevance to us today.

One of our high school coaches, Stephanie, says she makes sure to take time each week to look at resources on our websites. That is a good practice. If you haven’t bookmarked CPG, why not put it in your favorites and make it a practice to go through one section every week? Just call it “continuing education”. What new idea can you come up with each time?


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