Many More Gospel Presentations

“The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.”

Linda Woods, Bridges International Campus Coach, says this is the vision that motivates her. She coaches staff, students and volunteers to launch Bridges movements on campuses around the country where we don’t have full-time Cru staff. Here are her words.

I coach 18 campuses around the country from Orlando, Florida. I love my job!

I didn’t always find it motivating though. The first year I started out as a “distance ministry coach” I really missed the more personal face-to-face contact. I also felt like I couldn’t give my leaders the concrete help they needed. Also, how could I know that I was pouring time into the “right” leaders anyway?

It was around Christmas time of that first year, and I had a particularly discouraging day at the office. I could hear my fellow ministry coaches on phone calls all around me. Of course, I felt they were better at this work than I was.

It was at that time that God showed me something I’ll never forget. He prompted me to add up the number of international students who had heard the Gospel message, during that Thanksgiving and Christmas season. I was coaching people at just three locations at that time.

When I did, I was blown away! I don’t remember the exact number, but it was well over 100. I remember being impressed that I could have never done that if I, as an individual, was working on one of those campuses. Yet, through my encouragement, prayer, training, resourcing, and planning, I have been able to help others accomplish this feat.

It is said that a coach can make or break a team. Well, I am not a perfect coach, but I know when to give ministry away and how to get out of the way. My team has grown since then, and so has the number of people we can influence, but I will always remember the way the Lord met me that first Christmas and the vision He gave me for why I am a distance coach!


Today many, many more than those hundred plus on three campuses are being impacted by the vision, passion and considerable ministry experience that Linda has.

One of the tools Linda utilizes is Bridges in a Box.


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