Stephanie’s Coaching Practices

Stephanie Walker is part of the Cru High School Coaching Center. She coaches high school students and volunteers in Orlando, California, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Mississippi. She also supervises a part time field worker in California and another in Alabama.

Stephanie was invited recently to share some of her distance coaching practices with a group of high school staff. Here is some of what she shared with them.

Regular Practices

  • Call every one, two or three weeks
  • Call on the same day and time, if possible
  • Take notes of the conversation
  • Text several days before your appointment to confirm

Things to keep in mind

  • State vision each week
  • Keep their next steps simple and doable
  • Each volunteer is unique and so is their ministry
  • Praise every step forward; pour on the encouragement
  • Move then toward the next stage of development

Conversation Content

  • Start with a personal question
  • Follow-up with the prayer requests from the previous call
  • Ask how they did on their next steps from that call
  • Set new next steps
  • Write down prayer requests
  • Pray for them on phone
  • Make next appointment


  • Send any information they need in 24 hours

Stephanie shared with the group how meetings looked different if they were being held during the noon hour or after school. A coach provides direction for the student or volunteer leader. What works in one situation may not always work in another.

She also said that she as a coach takes 20 minutes each week to skim contents of their resource center. This helped her to stay current and to learn new tools to help her students and volunteers. She listed a bunch of her favorites.

  • Preparing Yourself to Work With Students
  • Planning Now for SYATP and SYATP website
  • Speed Traps for Students
  • Mobilizing Students to Pray
  • Most Wanted
  • Planning and Conducting an Outreach
  • Testimony- Telling Others About Christ
  • Testimony Worksheet
  • Soularium and the training videos on CruPressGreen
  • Essentials studies
  • Falling Plates
  • I Am Second

Finally, Stephanie gave her listeners ideas for keeping win, build, send central in their ministries. The things she gave them were specific to students leading in a high school setting.

From my seat, I hear Stephanie coach her volunteers. It is fun hearing her talk to, laugh with, and pray over her leaders. If you get a call from someone who wants to start a ministry on a campus that you can’t drive to, why not try coaching them from a distance.

Two previous tips on coaching plans.


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