Discover, Understand & Embrace Your Scope, Pt. 2

In my last tip I mentioned a website that our Global ministries use to train staff to launch new movements. I focused on one of their training modules. But I only gave you part of it, the discovering and understanding part. Today, I want to pass on the prayer aspect.


Many of the universities we are seeking to reach have been under the enemy’s domain for many years. He will not give them up without a fight.  We are in an intense spiritual war.  We need to fight the spiritual war with spiritual weapons.

When Dr. Bright began CCC in obedience to God’s call on his life, he knew that there was a real battle, so he recruited a 24 hour prayer chain in his church to recruit believers to pray as they took the gospel to the University of California in Los Angeles.  The rest is history.  In that first year over 200 students indicated decisions for Christ and CCC was born…all out of a movement and foundation of prayer.

Beyond any doubt the most important thing you could do is recruit and mobilize prayer for the universities you are seeking to reach.


  • When you look at the scope, what kind of prayer support do you need?
  • What is God calling you to do internationally, nationally, and locally to mobilize a broad prayer initiative?
  • Who can you call to join you?  How can you call them to prayer?

Get students involved in praying for their own campus! Often a new ministry starts in a university as God moves in the hearts of 2-3 students to pray for their university and for laborers. Even if new students don’t know how to share their faith yet or make disciples, they can begin to pray and ask God to use them to take steps to reach their university…

Primarily through a movement of prayer, Ethiopia’s SLM ministry grew from a few to over 7000 trained student leaders in just a few years!

May this be an encouragement to you in your own ministry and launch attempts. As Gadissa, a student leader on his campus said, prayer is “changing the past history of our country.”!

Two previous tips on the role of prayer in launching.
Prayer Exercise for New Movements.
Prayer Mapping.


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