See You at the Pole™

When our three boys were in middle and high school, they participated in an event called See You at the Pole™. I thought it was an FCA event, but I’ve  learned since that it is much bigger.

Read on to learn how you could have a broader presence in the community by participating in a See You at the Pole™ at your school.

Campus Alliance describes SYATP this way,

Imagine the potential of Christians from all different churches and ministries at a school joining together in united prayer. See You At The Pole™ brings teenagers to their school flagpoles to intercede for other students, their schools, families and nation, asking God to bring moral and spiritual awakening.” says,

“There is no sponsor for See You at the Pole™. The students at each school initiate and lead this event. A student-led Christian club, Equal Access club, or other recognized organization on campus may choose to make See You at the Pole™ an “official activity” of their club.

“At the same time, it is important for concerned adults to support and encourage the student leaders of See You at the Pole™. Many have stepped up to do so. A diverse mix of approximately 100 church denominations, nonprofit ministries, and other organizations are listed as “Supporting Ministries” who promote, endorse, or otherwise support See You at the Pole™.”

See You at the Pole™, began in 1990 with ten students praying at several schools in the Ft. Worth, Texas suburb of Burleson. This grass roots effort has now become a global movement with millions praying on their campuses on the fourth Wednesday every September.

As I prepared to write this tip, I did learn that the Baptist General Convention of Texas owns the trademark for the See You at the Pole™ name and event. Other organizations create and distribute promotional materials and coordinate promotion.

This year’s theme is #IFTHEN.


Regardless of whether your flagpole is on a middle or high school or on a college campus, let me add a three more if/then thoughts.

  1. If you show up at a flagpole, and others are there, then you increase visibility in the community and help build unity in the body of Christ.
  2. If you show up at a flagpole and no one is there, then you get to help take new ground for Jesus Christ.
  3. And finally, if you are there, then God will be too!

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