Pledge Bible Study series

You are well aware that we have made a significant effort to ask all involved with us to live surrendered lives to Jesus Christ. We have invited attendees at each of our conferences since Christmas to sign a pledge of surrender.

The pledge states:
Lord Jesus, I surrender to you to follow in the power of your Spirit. I will…

* Go where you want me to go
* Do what you want me to do
* Say what you want me to say
* Give what you want me to give

I mentioned in a tip in December on The Pledge that our ministry would have a follow up email series for those signing the pledge with on-line resources and opportunities. No doubt you are familiar with those emails and our Cru on Campus pledge page.

But now there is a new pledge follow up Bible study that our students can use this summer. Phil Long, formerly with Cru High School R&D, and now with Worldwide Challenge, put together some very interesting studies unpacking each of the actions: Go, Do, Say and Give. Each contain

* a passage to explore.
* some hints offering greater understanding to the questions asked.
* a connect and apply focus.

A pdf of Go, the first study, is available as a sample. A zip file with all four of the free studies is available as well.

We all know the challenge of staying connected to the Lord. It’s easy for anyone to get distracted in our desire to live surrendered lives. Hopefully, these four studies will help those we work with who want to live for Christ to carry through on their desires.


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