Leadership Summit 2013

I happened to be reading the Facebook news feed recently. I saw that the ND Rough Rider Team is inviting those leading movements to a leadership summit.

I have always liked these leadership retreats. We used to call them “Hangovers” back in Rhode Island. “Come Friday evening and hangover to Saturday”. It’s a great way to evaluate the year and plan for next year. It’s a tangible way for outgoing leadership to pass the baton to incoming leaders.

I asked team leaders Troy Shirley and Jason Skjervem to tell me what they were doing at their summit. Their schedule looks something like this.


  • 7:00 – Welcome/Intros
  • 7:15 – Session #1
  • 9:30 – Dismissed: optional capture the flag at the river, weather permitting


  • 9:15    Worship
  • 9:30    Devotion
  • 10:00  Breakout #1
  • 10:30  Breakout #2
  • 11:00  Team Prayer and Planning
  • 12:00  Lunch with team (may make this a working lunch!)
  • 1:30    Meet at E Free for Staff Hunt instructions; Staff Hunt at Kirkwood
  • 3:30    Session #2
  • 4:15    Fallapalooza 2013 Planning
  • 5:30    Supper at the Shirleys’
  • 7:00    Arrive at Civic Center to help with concert

Their breakout sessions covers these subjects.

  • Leadership 101: Basic leadership principles. For those who have thought or said, “I’m not a leader; I’m a follower!” What makes a leader and what it takes to build those your leading to be leaders too.
  • How to lead a small group: How to lead a group that is small. Most commonly this is done in a Bible study or discipleship setting.
  • Problem solving/PrEFACE: Have you ever faced a problem as a group and wondered the best way to address it? This session presents a tool that breaks down the problem and provides a step by step way to address and solve the problem.
  • Vision Casting: “Steven Covey has written, ‘All things are created twice.’ First there is the mental creation and then the physical creation. Vision pertains to this first creation. We have to see it before we can shape it into reality.” –from “Cultivating, Casting, and Catching Vision by Eric Swanson.
  • Discipling: What happens after someone has prayed to receive Christ? That can’t be the end, right? In this session, we will be exploring ways to most effectively share the basic principles of the Christian faith with a new believer in the context of discipleship.

Whether you call it a leadership retreat, CPR (campus planning retreat) or a hangover, anything you can do to evaluate the year, plan for next year and instill confidence in your incoming leadership, will go a long way toward hitting the ground running come August.

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