• You are going on a global mission project this summer. Or…
  • You just met some international students from a particular country. Or…
  • For some reason this country keeps coming up and you are starting to get curious.

So you decided that you should learn a little more about the culture of that country.

From my vantage point I am exposed to lots of tools and resources. Here is one that Kerby Goff, Director, Bridges International, University of Texas, posted last summer from Release12. I tucked it away to share with you sometime.

Kerby told about a website, The Hofstede Center, explaining 5 dimensions of culture. Click on the dropdown box to see how various countries compare.

The 5 Dimensions are

  • Power Distance
  • Individualism versus Collectivism
  • Masculinity versus Feminity
  • Uncertainty avoidance
  • Long-term versus Short-term orientation.

The site offers definitions and why these dimensions matter. You can also learn about leadership implications and behavioral differences by culture.

Finally, there is also an app for the CultureGPS. The lite version is free of charge.

I found myself, out of curiosity, clicking through lots of different countries. Why not take in for a spin?


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