Once a Month Outreaches and Easter

When we were on campus, we planned that the first weekly meeting each month was evangelistic. We didn’t have music that meeting. Someone would share their testimony. And the talk always had a gospel presentation. We wanted the students to get in the habit of being comfortable inviting their friends to that meeting.

Sometimes we would schedule a campus-wide outreach during that first week of the month. Student LINC consultant, Ben Rivera, often talks about a “once a month” plan.

You want to plan for at least one significant outreach on campus each month so that you’re regularly giving students an opportunity to hear the gospel message. It is these activities that gives your movement the momentum for real growth. This gives you a constant pool of people to follow-up on, share the gospel personally, and invite to your meetings; all with the aim of seeing your movement expand. Our ministry is not one of addition, but one of multiplication. If your students do not catch a vision for stepping out to share their faith and have a personal ministry where they’re reproducing their lives into the lives of others, your movement will stagnate and decline.

With Easter this week, consider ways you can focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Another creative outreach is what lots of Cru High School students have done. They videotaped themselves saying, “I’m not famous, but I know someone who is.” You can view these videos on the I’m Not Famous and Not Famous Vids channels on YouTube.

You can encourage students to do something similar and share it with their friends or post it on Facebook.

There is heightened spiritual awareness during the week before and after Easter. Why not consider some way to engage others with the gospel?


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