Playbook Mobile Phone App

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You have education majors graduating and planning to teach and you wish you had some resources to give them so they can make an impact for Christ in their school.
  • You have a student with a heart for the inner city graduating and planning to work with Teach For America. You want to equip them with tools they can use.
  • You have a student who would be a great leader in your movement, but just does not have a heart for the dorms. Instead she stays active in her high school youth group.
  • You did a fellowship dinner and one of those attending inquired about your reaching out to some of the local high schools.

Every coach has a playbook with a list of plays they can use in specific situations.

Last week Cru High School introduced a free mobile app called the “Cru High School Playbook”. It is available for both Android and iPhone. The playbook was developed to give those coaching volunteers and students in high school ministry¬† the right tools right at their fingertips.





The playbook focuses on four categories.

  • Relating to Students
  • Doing Evangelism
  • Leading a Bible Study
  • Relating to the Community

Plays are arranged from easiest to easy to medium in difficulty with links to on-line resources.

There are a number of other features on the app. One compelling section is called “Not Famous” with testimonies of students who participated in an on-line video strategy with the tagline “I’m not famous. But I know someone who is and He’s changed my life.” You will also find training videos, what’s involved in reaching teenagers, pictures from FastBreaks and GetAways, plus a place to post messages.

If you have a smart phone, why not download the free app today and show it to those who have an interest in working with teenagers.


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