Three years ago, I sent out a tip on the Essentials Bible Studies. In two separate conversations last week, Essentials came up. So I thought it would be a good time to mention it again.

Essentials is a series of 24 Bible Studies covering the basics of the Christian life and the basics of passing your faith onto others. Each lesson follows a simple format:

  • Connect with needs.
  • Hear what God says.
  • Apply that to life.
  • Tell someone they know.

Essentials was originally designed for rapid replication, giving those going through the study an opportunity to turn right around and teach it to others. Transferability was key.

The Dashboard lists all 24 studies. Each one has an easy to follow group discussion flow, a video you can use, and pdf’s. Here is a sample.

Each person in the study would receive a mini-journal with a place to write the lesson learned, an action to take and a person to tell. Here is a sample. These all help bring about that rapid multiplication.

The website is still under construction. And to probe very far you will need to register. That is so the owners can gather feedback and assess what’s most useful.

But let me encourage you to click onto the site and take a look at the dashboard. Then consider going through a few lessons in your discipleship group over the next few weeks. Be sure to take time each lesson to talk about action points and who they want to tell. Experience has shown that those they go tell about what they are learning become the very ones they ask to join them for their own discipleship group. There is your rapid replication.


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