Easy online evangelism

I am reading a fascinating book called Monuments Men, the story of a few men trying to save works of art and historic monuments during World War II. I just read about D Day, when 156,000 Allied troops landed on a 50 mile stretch of the Normandy beaches. Prior to the invasion, there was a significant amount of aerial assault to soften the beachhead so as to ensure the greatest possible success.

It got me wondering. Is there an equivalent aerial strategy for us as we do evangelism on our campuses? I think there is. It’s online evangelism.

Marilyn Adamson, Director of EveryStudent.com, recently sent me some easy steps to take in doing online evangelism. Read on to see if these could work in your situation.

An online evangelism component for your ministry.

Two easy steps.

1. Help your Christian students become aware of EveryStudent.com. Show it to them in a meeting. Click through it with them. Show them some of the questions it addresses. Here is a PowerPoint presentation designed for this purpose:

2. Now give your students some easy action steps:

  • 1st week – Ask them to encourage five people to see the site. You can order business cards that promote the site.

  • 2nd week – Ask them to followup with one person and ask, “Did you check out the site? What did you think? Did it make sense to you? Have you ever considered having a relationship with God?”
  • 3rd week – Ask them to email one article or video of their choosing to a friend. Here is how to do this.
  • 4th week – Ask them to post an article or video to their Facebook page, and “like” others’ postings. Here is how to do that.
  • 5th week – Ask them to write something about their relationship with God on Facebook. They can add a tab for “Notes.” Then write something about God on that note. The link will publish to their wall. Here is Marilyn giving step by step instructions on how to do that.
  • 6th week – Ask them to invest $10 and run a Facebook ad to that site, on their campus. The how to.
  • 7th week — Ask them to offer 15 people an article of their choosing. They show them a list of articles on a piece of paper, then email the article to them. Explained here.

Marilyn says, “If you do these two things, and you’ll be in the top 2% of those who are using online well!”


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