“Before and After”

If you’re looking for a way to create awareness of Christ on campus…
If you want to help your students tell their faith stories in conversation and with social media…
If you want to create momentum for the Gospel, then read on to learn what one campus did last Fall.

It began at their Fall Retreat in September. The Indiana University team cast vision to their students for a week of outreach called “Before and After”. Following similar campaigns at the University of Illinois and Miami University (Ohio), here is what happened.

  • Over 350 students were trained in their Bible studies how to share their personal story.
  • 114 students and staff recorded their testimony on video, tweeted them, and shared them on Facebook and their YouTube channel. In one week there were 10,506 views of these testimonies.
  • 186 students and staff wore green “Before and After” t-shirts Monday and Tuesday.
  • And at a special “Before and After” Cru Thursday of that week, a student leader, a Chinese student, an athlete, an IU alum and a hip hop artist shared their Before and After stories. 40 new visitors came with five indicating trusting Christ.

When I talked with MTL, Tony Hageman, about their “Before and After” week in October, he said that they saw students get excited about learning to tell their story and many took steps of faith to do so.

A campaign like this took some coordination. Tony sent me some of the resources they used for that week. I have posted them on the wiki for your access.

The heart of “Before and After” is to develop a lifelong ability to have conversations with others about the difference Jesus Christ has made in our lives.


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