According to an article on suicide by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention almost 15% of teenagers had seriously considered suicide and almost 7% actually tried. Mental illness alone can’t account for that much despair and loss of hope. Our society is reaping the fruit of meaningless sown by those who believe there is no real purpose in life.

Now consider that our students who believe that God has given them a purpose for life have natural connections with those living with a relativistic worldview. Our Campus R&D team has resourced us well with listening tools Soularium and Perspectives. And now they have given us a simple way to explore the spiritual backgrounds of friends along with an incentive to see it happen.

They call it SomeTime. As they describe it, “It involves exploring the faith journeys of friends over lunch, coffee, or some other informal setting. And it helps build a lifelong habit of spiritually engaging with others.”

Now, here is the incentive.

  1. Sign up for SomeTime.
  2. Order and print the materials.
  3. Once you have done SomeTime, your ministry can receive a grant of $10 for each participating student.

There are a couple things I really like about this. One is how Aaron Emerson on the R&D team has made the explanation, the training, and the SomeTime Bible studies easy to use. Also, I like that the skills learned by engaging others in spiritual conversations will be applicable for students coming on staff or entering the marketplace.

So, while our world considers life and meaning are only what you make them, we know otherwise. God has revealed that, in spite of our fallen condition, we can still know Him and the purpose He has for us. As we look for ways to help others understand His purpose, let me encourage you to take some time with your team to look at the SomeTime home page and click on the Prezi for an overview.

Some helpful resources.
Exploring Through Discussion.
One Page Overview explaining everything from start to finish.
Training for the listening tools.


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